The French still aren’t that popular, apparently

USS Clueless is still pissed at the French, apparently. Unless I’m reading the speech he’s suggesting for Bush to use at the D-Day remembrance ceremony wrong.

They should rest among friends, among those who understand and are grateful for the sacrifice they made. They cannot know what we do, or what we say, but we still owe it to them to live up to the example they set for us. We owe it to them to not waste their sacrifice; we owe it to them to refuse to lightly discard the precious gift of liberty they gave everything to preserve. They should rest among friends who understand that no price is too steep for us to pay to preserve our liberty.

I am saddened that they have no such friends here. The grandsons of these men are once again fighting overseas in a strange land, which is full of people speaking a strange and incomprehensible language, in order to free those people from brutal tyranny and to prevent that tyranny from threatening their loved ones at home. I am saddened that these brave soldiers, who fought and died to free the people of a nation not their own, must now rest among people who condemn their grandsons as they, too, fight and die to free the people of a nation not their own. I am saddened that they must rest among people who feel only contempt for the values they died to preserve. I am saddened that the people these men died for do not believe anyone else should be given the precious gift of liberty they themselves were given by these dead soldiers. These men deserve better than that.

So when I return to Washington I will ask Congress for money to move them all back home, to the land they held dear, so they can rest forever among the people they loved. They will not see America when they arrive, but America will see them and will welcome them home. It is the least we can do for these soldiers who gave so much for us all. They should rest among people who love what they loved, who value what they valued, and who will if necessary fight to defend the liberty these men fought and died to defend.

SdB admits that Bush won’t say this, but expects Chirac to get on his high horse and preach about how fantastic the French attitude is and how dumb the US is. I’m not taking bets against that happening.

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