Doh! Moment

Sometimes, I really don’t notice things. Yesterday, I was going through some of my older posts, on the basis that, having completely rebuilt my blog and deleted all traces of the old software, I should check a random sample of posts to see if they still worked. And so I did. Included in that sample was this one:

Well in
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Check out the guy in the center-back of this photo. Agree or not with his policies, yuo’ve got to admire the brazen cheek needed to do it.

Hat-tip to Give War A Chance.

Now, I’d linked to that in April of last year, and had forgotten what the photo was. So I checked. It’s hosted on a blog called Stray Toaster Thinking, which I though nothing off, it’s not the most meaningful of names. But then I check my refer logs today and I’d got a dozen referrals from that URI. So I though I’d go check it out. He must have found me in his refer logs, ‘cos he then linked to me in the following manner:

Some Randalstown dude. And entertaining reading, too. (Although, erm, dare I mention CovScum? Which sound harsh, unless you are also a fan of another East Midlands football team, in which case it ain’t harsh enough.) If a bit misguided in the old footie stakes. Which leads me onto this…

Turns out he’s from NIreland, and also went to uni in England. And has a bit of local knowledge, what with the poor guy being dragged to Junction 1 (brand new out of town shopping centre about 5 miles from me) on it’s opening day. Which was Bank Holiday Monday. Poor guy.

All together now: It’s a small world, after all…

Apart from that: Moi, CovScum? Nah, mate, I’m a much higher class of scum than that. Naught but the best scum, in fact. Man U all the way.

2 thoughts on “Doh! Moment

  1. Wow, you also linked to my pic of the golf protest? It got quite widely mentioned, and (at that time) was my biggest page.

    It was nice to find your page and all, and I must remember to stick in a permalink. Even though Portglenone is better than Randalstown.

  2. Dude, not even in the same league, not even the same sport. Hell, Portglenone is naught by a couple of pubs by a bridge.

    Randalstown is so much more than that. We got two bridges…

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