Note to Spain

This is how you respond to terrorists.

“Hello, is that Korea?”
“Yes. Who is this?”
“This is evil terrorist. We’ve taken one of your citizens hostage.”
“Give him back.”
“No! Unless you die like evil pigdog and keep your troops out of Iraq”
“That’ll be plan D, OK?”
“Huh, what? No: is only plan. You do what we say.”
“No. Plan A will be you let him go, and we don’t kill you too much. Plan B is we go in an get him. Plan C… well, you don’t want to know too much about plan C, but you’ll find out what happens to any stray dogs in downtown Seoul.”
“Yeah, you so big when you’re miles away. You and who’s army, mate? Huh?”
“Well, now you mention it, 3,000 of my personal troops will be there soon. Plus I have some there already. Oh, and the US like me, so I can count on their help too.”
“Oh shit. I should have taken a Frenchman, shouldn’t I?”
“Nah. They’ve already surrendered. So, may I suggest that you investiagate the wisdom to be found in Plan A?”

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