One year on

One year ago today was my last day as a student. So let’s take stock of whats happened in that year:

  • Got a proper job, eventually. Did spend five months without any proper employment though.
  • Got a car, which is a big thing for me. Yes, I realise that I may be odd because of it.
  • Lived at home. Not so good, but on the plus side that should be changing in a week or so.
  • Went to the US, and a decent festival.
  • Ended up working on doors again. The most useful thing I picked up at uni seems to be my Door Supervisor badge. I kid you not.
  • Been to a couple of weddings. And a funeral or two, but…
  • Haven’t been to a funeral of an immediate family member, or someone I knew really well, for the first 12-month period in about a decade.

And thats about it. Pretty dull year, really. Hey ho.

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