Big day numbers

Lookie at the counter in the top right…

I started this blog on 28th Jan 2003. I reached four figures on the counter on May 29th of the same year.

Today, 14th July 04, I’ll reach 10,000. Five figures. WooHoo, etc, etc. Go me.

Of course, others may have beaten me to it, but I don’t care. And to put me back in my place I can look at the counters elsewhere.

But I don’t care. Na-na-na-na-na.

0 thoughts on “Big day numbers

  1. Does that track hits? Visitors? Page views?

    Not that *I* would be a pedant, either. As, you know, the scariest of scary things is that I get 100k hits per month. The world scares me! Leave me alone! What’s that Skip? BobbyJo is trapped down the old abandoned mine, has a broken leg and the sea level is rising?

    All generalisations are false. Including this one.

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