Everyone heard about the revelation in the news that there is to be a gay wedding in the Simpsons?

Yes? Good. So I’ll begin.

I’m going to stick my neck out on this one and take a guess at who it is. I don’t think it will be a hugely infulential, popular or frequently appearing character (ie, any of the Simpsons) because that would be a major deviation from the formula for the show. I also don’t think that it’ll be the Bouvier sisters or Smithers unless it’s a tounge-in-cheek, over-by-the-end-of-the-episode thing, because the chemistry with those characters is spot on as it is. Moe is another name being thrown up, but I think that straying too far from the bar would kill him. So who then? Groundskeeper Willie? I hope not. Principle Skinner? Nah, because that would mess up life with his mother (although, that may be a clue to something, there).

No, my money is on Milhouse’s dad. Recently split up with Milhouse’s mum. Milhouse is harbouring homosexual tendencies (according to his confidential school files). His dad has been living in a YMCA type hostel. So, there’s the guy I figure is getting hitched. In January, I will of course be proved wrong, but until then, I am right. Oh yes.

And I can’t find a single picture of the guy to show here. Damn.

UPDATE: Ollie found me a picture. Then tried to put it in the comments. Where pictures aren’t allowed. Mwhahaha.
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  1. I think Lenny or Carl. I am also thinking Professor Fink. I doubt it would be Skinner, he is engaged to Bart’s teacher. We already know that Smithers is gay.

    I think you are correct, it has to be a minor type character. I would love it to be Side Show Bob, but he is more a guest character.

  2. Nah, I reckon it is Mayor Quimby. He has just been misdirecting all this time. Or Fat Tony. Or, for hubbahubba-amatuer-video-skin-flick purposes, Helen Lovejoy.

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