New rules

Right, ladies and gentlemen. Observations from the previous weeks have led me to introducing these rules for the world. Heed them well.

Henceforth, the following are banned:

  • Ponchos as fashion items. You’re not in Mexico, so just stop it, m’kay?
  • Pink as a colour for trousers for people over six.
  • Yellowas a colour for trousers for people over six.
  • Drunk twelve year olds who think that flirting with bouncers is anything but sick, sick, sick. Go home, ya daft durnken brats.
  • People who think that “Yeah, but you’re going to let me in anyway, right?” is a comprehensive arguements.

That is all. For now. There may be more.

0 thoughts on “New rules

  1. Can we also ban people who can’t remember what they’ve already said. E.g. asking if I’d turn a blind eye to putting black socks over grubby trainers. No. The answer is still no the third time. It wasn’t a good idea to begin with, and in this case persistance will not pay off.

    Either they’re stupid, they think *I’m* stupid (which would only prove they’re both stupid and wrong) or they’ve heard good things about shoe pie and want to try some.

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