Not good. Not good at all.

Uberstamfurher Blunkett is at it again. His Home Office is proposing that police be allowed to arrest people for any offence, not just the more serious ones. And that search warrants be applicable to all addresses connected to a person, rather than to a single address.


Arrest people for any offence? Oh, naturally there’s safeguards:

Under the new plans, all offences could in theory lead to an arrest.

The Home Office said there would be strict guidelines to determine when an arrest was appropriate.

Oh, so there’ll be guidelines. I feel better already. So the cops won’t be able to pick you up for just anything. Honest. I suspect that the old ‘broken tail-light’ (“What broken tail-light?” *smash* “That broken tail-light”) excuse might be getting a few people in the cells unless they doff their cap to some of the bigger arseholes on the beat.

And sure, why not fingerprint motorists at the side of the road? Oh wait, I got a reason, BECAUSE YOU DON’T FUCKING NEED TO. If you don’t need to, why the fuck are you bothering? Except to get your hands in the wallets/finger in the pies just a little more often.

And you want a single warrant to cover multiple addresses linked to a suspect. What, exactly, does that mean? Work addresses, friends addresses, family addresses? Previous work addresses? Far, far, far, too open for the comfort of this particular citizen. Imagine the pain that could be spread by using that. Excuse me sir, I think that you could do with a little nightmare in your life. So, on the pretext of searching you for a small amount of dope, we’re going to tear apart your house, your parent’s house, your girlfriend’s house, her parents’, your workplace, your ex-girlfriends’ and your local pub. Oh, and just for good measure, we’re taking your car away to dismantle it completely to make sure that there isn’t any narotic residue on any of the bolts holding the chassis together…

Like I said, far too open to abuse.

All to stop grafitti? Me thinks that there is a somewhat inverted sense of relative problems going on in Whitehall. So just stop it.

Disclaimer: the nastier generalisations in this post refer only to those fuckers who are quite happy to abuse their position at the drop of a hat. Not to the vast majority of the police.

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