Jesus H

Same day as the last pile of shite to spew from the Home Office, we have this:

Law pledge after rapist’s ?7m win

Lottery-winning prisoners and their families will be prevented from collecting their win under new laws, David Blunkett has promised.

Aaargh! Why the hell can he not see an issue that he doesn’t want to mess about with?

Right: I see it as this: laws are imperfect. Things will slip through, and this is a Good Thing, in the end. If there was a law for every eventuality (which is looking increasingly likley under this government), then there will be no room anywhere because of the increased need for lawyers. There will be no money because of the huge cost of keeping said lawyers. There will be no possibility of getting anything done, because the lawyers won’t allow it. Too much regulation crushes the entire fabric of society.

Which is why I can’t understand Blunkett and his desire to run headlong into putting out new laws at the first sign of a newspaper outcry.

Best bit of the article:

Home Office minister Hazel Blears said: “This is not a knee-jerk reaction.”

Yeah, right. you just happened to think it up right when it would get most press. Honest.

If that’s something that strikes you as likley, I’ve got a London Bridge and some prime beachfront property in Arizona that’s going real cheap.

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