Too sweet…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is just too good. I’m expecting new leglislation to be announced very soon. Specificially, leglislation to stop newspapers intruding on the private lives of the elite. Specificially in that, leglislation to stop newspapers intruding on the private lives of das Uberstamfurher. Why, you ask?

Because it seems that Herr Blunkett has been a naughty boy. The good Herr, who demands that we all trust him, and believe that he will not abuse the extraordinary powers he has given himself, who portrays himself as a paragon of human virtue, singlehandedly fighting back the forces of evil (in the form of evil motorists, evil teenagers, evil foreigners, evil drinkers, evil &c, &c, &c)…. yes, that’s the one. Blunkett has been hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing with a married woman.


Ordinarily, I’d not be one to worry about something like this. I think that it would be something between the involved parties to sort out, as it is their private life. BUT, this is a special case. Why? Because of who is involved. Blunkett is the man who has introduced and attempted to introduce some of the most invasive and amoral leglislation ever seen in any democracy (Regulation of Investigatory Powers, anyone?), normally on a whim.

So it is my considered opinion that he has had it comming for a long time. And I hope that the papers absolutely fucking destroy him.

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