Doire has it’s own paper

Derry/Londonderry (as some Radio twats would call it) has a new mouthpiece: It is linked from the Portadown News, so it must be good.

Hell, it’s so organised it even has a mission statement. Sorta.

Welcome to Pure Derry

Wtih 77 local papers and its own TV station, the city of Derry is apparantly hooked on the need for scandal, gossip and ‘bars’, so we though there was room for one more!

In the past 5 years, the Derry press have used 14,000 football pitches of Brazilian rainforest (thats 12,757.5 GAA pitches for all the muck savages reading) in an attempt to keep the nosey punters of the north-west up to speed on the latest happenings in the community. If you have ever lay awake at night pondering such thoughts as ‘Who won the Argyle Arms pubs quiz last Tuesday?’, ‘How many greyhounds raced at Lifford yesterday?’ or ‘I wonder who is dead this week?’, then it was’nt all for nothing. We however have a more responsible attitude to the environment, and believe our eco-friendly paper will rise above these problems to create a better tomorrow!

Please print this page and give it to as many friends as you can!!

0 thoughts on “Doire has it’s own paper

  1. It took a while coming but finally its here the best paper in the N.West the only thing is now they dont change the story lines quick enough for me. I cant wait to read what they say about the floods.

  2. I trust everyone is enjoying our weekly editions of The site has grown vastly over the last number of months to the dismay of Pat Markerson and Jerry Slanderson but sure what can you do?

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