Silly posts

Stolen from Acidman, but sure he just stole it from somewhere else, so it’s not really theft. Honest, guvnor.

So, then, word association.

Server Thing that form the centre of a network, be it the worldwide interwebnet, or not. First word to mind is Apache.

Charlotte And her amazing webspinning tales.

Jackson Five. Considering that I was about 10 years late to have heard of them, I think that this association is a bit odd.

Resentment Quotage. Specificially, from Human Traffic. “Sometimes, I look in your eyes, and all I see is resentment”. This needs to be in a Welsh accent for full effect.

Controlling Women. This is mainly due to the obscene amounts of manipulations carried out by said gender in the Wheel of Time series of books, which I’m halfway through at the minute. Easily infulenced? Moi?

Intense My dislike of M$ Internet Explorer. And hence my dispair for the office network that forces – forces – me to use it.

November When the whole election thing will die down in the US. Of course, there’ll probably be another couple of months of “HE STOLE THE ELECTION” to follow, but the campaigning will be done with. Thank feck.

Donkey Ass. Huh-huh, he said ass.

Weave Again with the Wheel of Time, and the weaving of patterns. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel weaves, dontcherknow.

Satisfies Beer. Nothing satisfies like a cool, crisp beer on a hot summers day. Nothing that I’m willing to mention on a site that my family know about, anyway. Although getting $68,743,189 dealing coke is quite good…

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