Finally, it is here

Finally, after too many years and misfires, the Prodigy album is here. And I’ve just finished listening to it. And it is good, although there are reservations.

First off, for the amount of time that he’s been working at this, there should be more. The final tweakings have been going on for over 18 months, and it’s difficult to see where that time was spent. Secondly, there is no Baby Got a Temper, which I actually thought was quite good. Also, one or two of the tracks are quite forgettable.

Apart from that, it’s good. The album as a whole is unmistakably Prodigy, with the beats of MftJG and the hard industrial edge we’ve come to expect since Fat of the Land. A couple of the tracks are truely distinctive, (ie, spitfire, which is a fantastic opener), while a couple are a little to generic for me (ie Action Radar, which seems to be stuck in the mid 90’s). One track which I’d heard before but hadn’t realised was the Prodge was You’ll Be Under My Wheels, which I really should have noticed. It’s the music for that BMW 1-series ad, and is a damn good sound.

Well, it show that I’d never make it as a record reviewer, doesn’t it? I’ll leave you with a verdict anyway: if you’re a fan, buy it, you won’t be disappointed. If you like them in passing, download it, it’s still worth it.

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