Let the bannings continue

Regular readers of this site (both of you) will be aware that I have a habit of banning things that annoy me. In the past this has included middle-aged women in denim catsuits and ponchos, what sort of thing.

Now, there is an addition to the banned list. Supermarkets putting their most talkative cashiers on the express checkout. If you’re in the express queue, do you want some woman nattering on at you about the weather? Or about how nice that sandwich you just bought is? GRRRARGH!

On a somewhat connected note, can clothes shops take note: black trousers in 36 waist,33 leg cannot, in any way, be classed as outsize items. Having checked M&S, Dunnes and Makro, I have been unable to find said item. People, you have 33 leg in every other waist, why is 36 only available in short? Huh?


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