I knew that something was too good to be true…

Within hours of SpaceShipOne winning the X-prize, Richard Branson had set up his own venture to capatialise on it. Using technology licenced by the builders of SpaceShipOne, he intends to start commercial space tourism within a few years. The first ship will be the VSS Enterprise [No, no opportunistic name grabbing there, Mr Branson, no sirree], and there will possibly be a fleet to follow.

Now we know why Branson was so keen to get involved. He’s trying to destroy the world!. Yes, with his evil sidekick, Esther Rantzen, he’s out to kill everyone not in his likeness, a lá Moonraker*. So, if his evil plan suceeds, there will only be the Noel Edmunds and Jeremy Beadles of this world left…

And now my own personal hell has been updated. Thanks for that one.

* – The film, that is, not the vastly superior book. There is no connection between the two except for a couple of names.

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