It’s the simple things in life

Today, I woke up refreshed, content and happy with the world. Why for?

Simple reason. British Summer Time has ended, which means that we all turn the clocks back to GMT. An extra hour in bed, with no cost, no loss, and no worries.

Simple. And yet this effect is felt nation wide.

There are two reasons why I oppose the imposition of British Standard Time. One is simple: it’s a RoSPA idea, and therefore stinks of cotton wool and interference. The second is much more abstract: the bitching at the loss of an hour in spring is muted (because it’s spring, and therefore it’s all good), while the feeling of nationwide contentment today is worth it all.

Yes, this sounds like god-damn hippy claptrap. But I’m working out all my aggression on the playstation, so I’m all angry-ed out.

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