Explosions! In Belfast! Whatever next?

Dude, someone has actually scheduled an explosion in Belfast city centre. And they’re getting a Yorkshire company to do it. So, they’ll have had to fly people over, ship equipment, pay for surveys, check the layout, jump through a few hoops to get permits, set up seating for people to watch it, etc.

To steal a commonly used advertising slogan, would it not have been faster, easier and cheaper to get a local… contractor… in to do the needful?

[Local … Contractor] When do you want the building down?
[Developer] Well, as soon as possible.
[L … C] How’s tomorrow afternoon?
[D] Great! What do you charge?
[L … C] A quick getaway car, a change of clothes, and throw in a couple of grand for misc. expences.
[D] That’s very cheap? What about the surveys, and clearing people away and all that?
[L … C] Well, we’ll have a look about to see where we should park the van place the charges…
[D] … Okay… and what about the people?
[L … C] Oh, a quick call to UTV about 10 minutes beforehand should do the trick…
[D] Sweet.

Well, if we’re gonna have decomissioning, we may as well get some use out of the stuff…

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