Like minded

A lot of mutual back scratching going on here…

  • First off, I post a little rant about the nanny state. And it’s inherent evilness, etc, etc.
  • Then kerr links it and bitches about the new ID card. And it’s inherent evilness. And overloads the irony meter so badly that reconstructive surgery for it will be needed. See this headline for why.
  • Then SWM links both the above, and bitches about how the government is stupid in it’s priorities, specificially the fox-hunting ban and the smoking ban.

For the record, this site has a long history of opinion on Blunkett and his whacky ID schemes, and would not be very sad if Herr Uberstamfurher was dragged off and beaten to within an inch of his life.

For the record (2), I’m with SWM on the fox hunting. And, not to sound too anti-nature, but I hope that the fucking fox is brought to within a couple of months of extinction by this. It’s only been allowed to continue to exist so that it could be hunted, and it’s a danger to livestock, so I can’t really see farmers being very happy with a population explosion. So, die evil fox, die.

For the record (3), I’m very against the idea of smoking bans, because it’s not the government’s place to tell property and business owners what they can and can’t allow, unless it’s something completely illegal. Which smoking is not.

I’ll steal from SWM’s post to add to my equations here:

Smaller government = Happier SWM world

0 thoughts on “Like minded

  1. The amusing part is the rabid lefties who are determined to put all the Huntsmen, Hound breeders, stables, etc out of jobs are the same ones who will normally explode with apoplexy every time someone suggests something that may cause *gasp* joblesses.

    Of course, the fact that rural people who partake of Fox Hunting also happen to be practical sort which don’t ascribe to loony liberal views. So the Indignant Protectors of the Downtrodden ™ don’t give a shit.

    Besides, it’s ok to down-tred when it’s not them being trodden on. Just ask Stalin.

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