Good News/Bad News

  • Good News: Day By Day has returned.
  • Bad News: On General Principle has not, as yet anyway. Sort it out Robertson.
  • Good News: Final payment made today: Milla is now totally, 100% mine. Which is nice.
  • There is no Bad News to counter the above.
  • Good News: Milla is now totally mine. I may have mentioned this.
  • Bad News: I’m now bored of this, and should get back to work.


0 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. It being the 1st of December – and therefore a new month – I’m not sure why my bandwidth allocation hasn’t been reset. Maybe they’re going to be really *really* anal and take a 30 day average or something stupid like that.

  2. They don’t run on calendar months. They work in months since you signed up. So what day of the month did you sign up on, and that should be the day your account resets.

    I think.

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