And, …….. relax

You know the funny thing about adrenaline? How alive you feel when you’re full of it. And how absolutely shattered you feel when it goes.

The last bit of really physical door work that I had to do was in May of 2003 (I think; it may have been April). Proper rolling ruck, fists flying, people in the way, and all of us in the middle trying to stop it. Full of the old adrenaline.

And tonight, more of the same. However, while the last incident was outside a student’s union, where everyone was of roughly the same age and had the same level of responsibility, tonight wasn’t as clear cut. The antagonists in this particular case were a bunch of drunk middle aged men. Who had their young children in tow.

Background: the area they were sitting in was no smoking. So a member of staff asked them to either extinguish their cigarettes or move to the smoking area. And most of them complied. One was a twat, and started threatening, swearing, being aggressive (classic Soul Nation). So I takes the fella to the side, explains that he’s leaving. He gets aggro, pushing, shoving, etc. He says “Sure you couldn’t even put out a fucking fag”, and by the time he gets to saying “out”, he’s halfway to the door*. So all was good.

Until his drunken mates start jumping in, egging him on. Twat goes to punch me, but because his mates are standing so close to him (& me) they basicially stop the arm movement from completing. So, shit has now hit the fan. World arrives. Several moments pass, and the worst of the twats are restrained. But then the rest of them bring in the fucking children. So , here’s us, trying to calm the twats down, adrenaline levels through the roof, and the morons bring over the crying kids and start on us.

Note to arseholes:

  1. Don’t go out to a venue with four of your mates and six kids under 10 and proceed to get blind drunk. From the kids reactions, I’d say that it hadn’t happened before.
  2. If you’re gonna do 1), at least bring one sober person along. Otherwise the kids are the most sensible people there.
  3. Don’t start fights with 17 year old staff because they ask you to obey the rules.
  4. DON’T INVOLVE YOUR FUCKING KIDS IN INCIDENTS THAT YOU START! If you start on me, I’ll be the one that is there. If you start trying to hit me and I grab your arm, don’t pull your kid infront of you and say WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY CHILD!

Fuckers. I really feel sorry for a) the kids, and b) the staff member.

But hey, that’s life. And I’m now on the adrenaline comedown. How best to deal with it? Simple: a bit of chilled music, a net connection and a couple of very large hot whiskeys**. It’s all gravy.

Did this post have a point? Not really. I’m just unbelievably fucked off about those guys. And unable to sleep because of the whole chemical wind down. Yay whiskey.

* – Classic warwick “pretend to listen while calling backup and walking beside twat, coincidentially herding them doorward” tactics. Stick with the old methods that work.

** – Scientifically proven to be the best way to get alcohol into your system that doesn?t involve members of the opposite sex.

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