0 thoughts on “A sad, sad day

  1. You never know, it might not. Apparently it outsold the rest of the Top 40 combined… so surely there can’t be that many left who’ll buy it?

    I saw an interview with Will Young, who said he can’t see why everyone in the UK won’t buy a copy. How about this, Mr Young:

    Current poll on the Radio 1 Newsbeat website:

    Will you be buying the Band Aid 20 single?

    730 ( 34%)
    1410 ( 66%)

  2. The thing that worries me is that lots of people – and I mean lots – will be buying many copies to give them out as presents. Which means that they could keep it at number 1 for weeks, and end up with more bought than will ever be listened to.

  3. Oh yeah. Did you hear Midge Eurgh on Radio 1 this morning? he said: “Bob said something very profound the other day. He said when you die you will know that by buying that record you will have saved someone’s life.”

    Right. As if. In the next sentance he admited it was only for a day. Still, maximum arrogance there.

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