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Kim has a lot of very good points on fucking compulsary identity cards. Obviously, I’m totally in love with the idea meself. And kerr has a couple of points on it (from a while back).

Yes, I have a photographic passport. I use it to travel between countries (including NIreland – UK flights). I sometimes use it to get into bars, to prove that I’m over a certain age. I am not legally obliged to carry it unless I am passing through passport control, when I have to prove that I’m a citizen of the EU to get into it.

Yes, I have a photographic driving licence. And have had one since I turned 17. It’s photographic ID, and was designed to combat terrorism (worked a treat, didn’t it. Wiped terrorism out altogether). I have to produce it within two days if demanded by a police officer in connection with driving.

What I will not have, and will never carry, is a card to prove that I’m me. I should never have to prove to any agent of the state that I am me unless there is a damn good reason. I may need to prove that I meet certain criteria (ie, am insured to drive, and capable of driving, have a right to enter the country), but that’s it. And fuck yez if you think that I’ll be happy to produce it to every one of Ubertamfurher’s Blunkett’s* little minions. Or any of them for that matter.

* – may he rot painfully in the infected lower bowel of a seriously ill elephant for all eternity

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  1. It is a fundemental shift in our psyche, as well. It is a seed change from Them (The Man! Boo!) needing to prove who We (The Kids! yay!) are to us having to prove who we are. I like not.

    We were also discussing how to subvert it all. (A post of my own feh, sometime) Mis-filling in the form. Then playing bureaucratic ping-ping with the Home Office. Post-dating cheques. Pre-dating cheques (> 6 months. I like the fact that if they cash it, I take the banks for a big claim, then go live in FreedomLand!)

    Oh, there are ways. Which means I can say to the wife ‘see! I applied for one! Aren’t I just the good little asleep citizen’ Wife vs State. Wife wins.

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