Not making my life any easier

Do you know how difficult door work becomes when some bastarding “current affairs” show sends a camera crew down? You can’t say boo to the punters because that’ll be the only thing that the show will mention, ignoring the fact that the fella was thrown out for any number of good reasons. Plus there’s always a large number of drunk persons who think that it’s a good idea to act the twat in front of the camera and give us all a bad rep.

Plus, there’s always one or two of the staff who have to stay out of the camera’s way. Me, for one, since cameras are expensive and my ugly mug has a habit of breaking them. Other cases are more along the lines of “Shit, can’t let them show me face, in case some of [insert random suburban town] [insert random generic paramilitary grouping] see me, or I’d be in hospital by next week.” Leaves us a bit short staffed. Which isn’t very nice.

In passing, I think that it’s quite worrying that I was given a couple of Get Home Safe freebies by someone I know has a significiant record for drunken violence. And who signed the court documentation at their last appearence with a pen from that campaign. Points for irony.

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