I love el Reg

The Register. A fantastic online newspaper. It has the latest geek technology news. It has the Bastard Operator from Hell. And the bit that I really love about it: they really, really, really don’t like Blunkett.

A couple of quotes from the latest ID card related article:

Somewhat imprudently, given his current beleaguered state, Blunkett had told Pollard how useless he thought practically everybody in the Government was, excepting himself. In this case the victim is Patricia (‘doesn’t think strategically’, says pot) Hewitt of the Department of Trade & Industry.

Indeed. Comming from the master of the knee-jerk reaction, that is rich.

[Blunkett’s second in-command’s]…perception of the problem appears not to be that these people are being exploited, but that they’re very difficult to bag up and ship out of the country. New Labour, New Moral Compass.

Blunkettwatch: Blunkett’s personal immigration issue took a small, largely unnoticed turn for the worse yesterday, with a claim that he produced a letter from the immigration service to his lover’s nanny in a meeting with Home Office officials. This, if true, would be significant first because it would establish that the letter was passed to Blunkett, and second because it would suggest that Blunkett had intervened not once, but twice.

Let’s be honest, it’s very difficult to dislike any publication that has an official Blunkett watch, isn’t it?

Why, oh why, oh why, doesn’t the bearded fucker just resign?

0 thoughts on “I love el Reg

  1. It doesn’t matter. To suggest that he can’t do the job of home secretary doesn’t mean you don’t think he has the skills for the job, it means you’re intolerant of everything he is, and therefore hate with a blind passion (er, no pun intended) disabled people and therefore you’re a Bad Person and your views and arguments can be dismissed out of hand.

    Don’t forget, Ed, everyone is equal!

    (although, on a side note, you try suggesting to my face that I am the equal of – oh, choose your favourite child molester – and enjoy the lesson in maths and physics that will follow)

  2. You forget, Charley-buy, that I am a Bad Person. However, my reasons for disliking Blunkett, his policies and pretty much anything to do with him are not connected to his blindness. They are connected to his being a control freak with absolute confidence in everyone else’s confidence in him and a god complex so complete that God may well sue for infringement on copyright.

  3. But that doesn’t matter. You see, because David Blunkett is blind he is part of a repressed and discriminated-against minority. He therefore has victim status and is thus unimpeachable. You only claim to dislike his policies out of a deep-seated and unacknowledged prejudice against disabled people. To claim I’m wrong is just further evidence of your own intolerance.

    (Jeysus H Christ, I scare myself sometimes)

  4. Now, your continuaal disagreement with me on this point is solely based upon your racial intolerance of Irish people. And thusly your opinions are invalid.

    I don’t make the rules, I just have to live by them.

  5. Listen sunshine, I’m the one standing up for the Rights of the Repressed and Discriminated-Against here, so I can’t be critisized. I will not have my patriotism questioned!

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