Hmm. Confusing.

Hmmm… indeed.

The traditional media has a thing about blogs. They seem to pick a couple and stick to them religiously. In the US, they would be constantly referring to InstaPundit. Over here, they are hung up on Slugger O’Toole.

Obviously, this is a good thing, for Slugger is an excellent choice. Hence it being on the blogroll for ages.

But I digress.

The reason for this post is a strange pattern of visitors. To be more blunt, a significant number of visitors comming via this.

See, I hadn’t opened the rest of that article, because at the end of the day, I don’t much care for Anita Rodderick or her blogroll. So I was surprised to find me listed there.

Not forgetting Ed Hillan (from Randalstown!)


  • Why with the ‘Randalstown!‘? We got electricity months ago, and the fellytone men say that everything is working fine now, so why are you surprised that we have the interwebnet?
  • Cheers for not forgetting me

A little extra (which I’d have put in Slugger’s comments, if TypeKey wasn’t blocking me from logging in): I’ve been accused of being a nasty right-winger.

Ex-squeeze me? a) not nasty, and b) never voted for any ‘-wing’ in my life. Just ‘cos I want lower taxes and more personal freedom doesn’t make me a right-winger. Not in the UK sense, anyway. Maybe in the US sense. But still, less of the meaning it as a bad thing. Looking at you here, ganching

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