Yay, yay, yay and more yay!

You know if I was the kind of person to film a happy dance and charge you $10 to watch it, then it would be the time for it now.

Blunkett resigns.

Unbelieveable happiness is descending upon this blog.

The only cloud on the horizon is the difficult decision ahead: who shall I hate as much in the future.

And cheers to Mungo for linking to it.

Update: It seems that there are lots of other people who aren’t overly disappointed at the resignation.

0 thoughts on “Yay, yay, yay and more yay!

  1. Why am I not surprised Ed is a happy little chappy? Can’t say I’m too bothered either. But Charles Clarke? I lost all respect for him when he demonstrated during that whole Prince Charles thing a few weeks back that he can’t actually read. So ID cards will be no use to him.

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