Oh for fuck’s sake

a) Never post when significantly inebriated

b) Oh for Christs’ sake. You get rid of the cabinet minister that I hate the most, and put in place one of those for whom I actually have a bit of respect.

In retrospect, I should have stayed clear of John Reid and Charles Clarke. Sure, they appear to have personality and some kind of moral compass. Sure, they may have some small amount of common sense. But now Clarke is the Home Office scapegoat, and Reid fills the same post in Health.* Which is a pity, since I actually respected both of them for their previous records. I’m guessing that Clarke’ll get busy on carrying Herr Uberstamfurher’s evil ID schemes anyway. Hence losing any respect I once had for him.

*Yes. The two ministers that I actually could stand get the most difficult jobs in the entire government. I get the irony. Move on.

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