0 thoughts on “Message to the UK:

  1. Well I haven’t bought it nor am I going to and swear to god I haven’t even heard it yet. I only ever listen to Radio 4.

  2. I listen to Radio 1 while at work. But thankfully, I listen on ear phones so when Bugger Aid comes on I just take them out. Silence sounds so much better.

  3. I listen to radio 1 in the office. And when that shite comes on I have to go and make coffee.

    And that is why I’m now a shiveriving shell of my former self. Too much caffine. And it’s all Bob Getoff’s fault. Lawsuit time.

  4. So while listening to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 this morning I heard a snatch of the number one Christmas song – dire.

  5. Now try hearing it (or the start of it, anyway) twenty times a day.

    I think we’re moving into the realm of “justifiable homicide” here.

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