I’ve been waiting for this

Following Herr Blunkett’s recent resignation…

Halleliuia! The Herald of the End of Civilization has gone!

Sorry. Following Blunkett’s recent resignation, I’ve been waiting for the lads from Rockall to have their say.

And today they delivered.

David Blunkett: Statesman, father, blind bloke
“We could go on, but consider this modest list a fitting tribute to David Blunkett: Statesman, father, blind bloke. Dave, you walked it like you talked it, albeit with a white stick and a Labrador. Rispek.”
Britain left unprotected as Blunkett jumps ship
Oh dear god, how can we survive without that stalwart of civil liberties standing between us and the forces of evil?
‘Blunkett left me totally satisfied as a woman’
More detail than you ever wanted about the sordid affair between Herr Blunkett and Mrs Quim.
Blunkett ‘not father’ shocker
Blunkett was not the sole father of the nasty laws that have rolled out of parliament in the last few years. Another shocking blow for family values.
UK Government scoops coveted international award
The Ministerium f?r Staatssicherheit (or the Home Office, as it was) denies that photographic driving licences are actually a sneaky form of ID card. News delivered by the Airborne Bacon Service.

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