Good stuff, with a bit of bad stuff tacked on on the end

So, I’ve moved house. And the net connection is there. And the beds are there, and the big ass chairs are there. It’s all good.

Plus, it’s that little bit closer to the office. Instead of taking fifteen or twenty minutes to get into the office, it took nine minutes this morning. Which means an extra five minutes in bed. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

And there’s more. There’s a shower in the house. That actually has pressure. And uses hot water. A revelation compared to the old place.

And there’s a corner shop right next door. Sure, it only does a limited choice of things, but since they include papers and milk, that does me.

And the bad news tacked on to the end: about ten minutes ago, I heard the tell talk screech-bang of a nearby fender bender. And, being the nosey type, I had a look out the window. And on the main road outside, I say milla with a Ford Fiesta lodged firmly in her ass. Which was a shock. It turned out to be a very similiar car to Milla (popular paint for a 206, that moonstone blue), with only two digits different on the number plate. Still, not good. For the drivers involved, or my blood pressure.

But Milla is now safe and secure in the car park. I’m sure you were all worried.

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