Well-paid could face higher fines

Fine calculations could consider an offender’s daily disposable income
Higher earners will face increased fines for minor offences, if government plans become law.
A scheme for calculating fines that would take into account an offender’s income is proposed in the Management of Offenders Bill, published on Thursday.

The severity of the offence does not increase with the amount of money that the person makes. Therefore the severity of the punishment should not increase.

Jaysus Fuck. How, in the name of fuck, can anyone even consider thinking that this is a good idea? This government is sick. No, they won’t let you defend yourself. No, they won’t let you decide what’s best for your children. No, they don’t think that taking power from this country and handing it to Brussels is a bad idea. But YES to taking your money. YES to making you a criminal for driving. YES to higher taxes.

Christ on a bike. Feeling a little bit annoyed, here.

The government said it was fair that better-off people paid more than those who earned less.

Equal pay for equal work! From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs! Kill the middle class! Up the proletatiat!

And if you can’t kill the middle class, tax them into exile.

0 thoughts on “FUCK OFF

  1. The problem is the middle classes can’t be taxed into exile, only the feckers who earn over 250k a year can really do that. So when they finally get fucked off with this government (and they will) the middle earners have to pick up the slack, but we don’t give that much tax, so they raise tax. Stupid Labour government. Ahh well the Tories might get in 09/10. Maybe – just maybe.

  2. The thing is, the tories aren’t any better, and the LibDems are far worse. So, basicially, we’re all screwed.

    And Chez, what was it you were trying to post? The list of spamwords is stupidly long, so theres a good chance that it was something fairly innocent getting stuck on it.

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