Last night, the news was full of weather warnings, saying blizzards would be the norm for Norn Iron, and that any driving today would be difficult. So, I checked outside before I went to bed, and sure enough, there was a bit of snow. Not much, but a little.

And I had a look out the window when I got up, and still, a little snow. More of a dusting than a proper snow fall. So I went to have a shower, and started my day.

Shower over, I got dressed (I understand this is the accepted order for these things, but it took me a while to work out). And, on opening the curtains*, I was presented with a wonderful view of the inside of a ping pong ball.

Proper blizzards, and all of a sudden, there was about two inches of snow on the ground. So, instead of taking nine minutes to get to work, it took 25. But I have to say, I was very impressed with the driving on display. I only saw one car which was moving too fast for the conditions, and even that one was fairly sensible. By the only really bad stretch of road (which was pretty much solid ice), a number of cars had pulled into the side of the road because they weren’t happy about it. Belfast drivers, I’m impressed. Well done. Have a gold star.

* – Oh, yes. After three weeks of not having proper sleep because of the street lights outside, I finally got round to buying and putting up some curtains. Yay! for a proper night’s slight.

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