Good signs


I’d not noticed before, but a quick investigation shows that over 50% of my visitors use open source browsers. And only 43% use Micro$haft piece of shit. Which is nice.

Of course, there’s still 85%+ who are using some flavour of Windows, myself included. Oh well.

0 thoughts on “Good signs

  1. I don’t see no stats for us lynx users, or my bearded colleague who uses Mosaic.

    Fascist! Oppressing *real* browser users.

  2. I’m sorry, mwk, but I think that there’s an error in your timestamp there. Surely you made that comment sometime in 1993, right?

  3. Back in 93 I was still on JANET. (ohh-err)

    *settles down with pipe and slippers (which he is doing a lot these days in various comments) to tell the youngsters about how it was all better back in the day when…*

  4. That is the problem with youngsters today, no respect. A damned good trashing is what you need. That, and National Service. (Though, to be fair, _you_ might enjoy the use of the military hardware a tad too much. Corporal Hillan! Get *out* of that F14A cockpit RIGHT NOW!)
    I am even posting this comment using lynx. While wearing a hairshirt.

  5. I think they’d not really want me to do National Service. Probably not the smartest idea in the world to let me near armoured vehicles.

    And if you’re reading this in lynx, you’d never see the beauty of this picture.

  6. You will be happy but completely uninterested to know that I am one of your windows-using firefox-browsing readers.

    Do I get a gold star? Oh go on. Please.

  7. Not quite, Matt. Considering that that would mean that you’d visited 170-odd times in the last fortnight. Which isn’t the case, I hope. There are other fools mac devotees.

    If you really want a prize, the feel free to print out the gold star and consider it a gift from me.

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