It’s that time of year again

Well, as the world knows, tomorrow is St Patricks day. A day when the world stands back, and celebrates the greatness that is Irish culture.

id est, they get rip roaring drunk and act like loons.

But fear not. If you think that that’s all there is to Irish culture, then you should dig deeper. Read this history of Ireland. Some snippits:

1487 – In a decision still regretted today, Irish let a few British friends stay in Belfast.

1649 – English military leader and politician Oliver Cromwell travels to Ireland, knifes the citizenry in their sleep, and violates the women’s and children’s corpses. British crown grants him knighthood.

1690 – A deposed British king, James II, escapes to Ireland and organizes an Irish army. In 1691, this army defeats the British at the Battle of the Boyne, and a grateful, restored James II grants Ireland its independence. Just kidding!

1801 – Following the Act of Union, British troops are dispatched throughout Ireland to kick citizen’s dogs.

Nice. Incidentially, from the same publication, we have my horoscope for this week:

Taurus: (April. 20?May 20)
Although you’ve long considered yourself something of a singer/songwriter, investigators will weigh your slim notebook of lyrics against the butcher’s heap in your basement and decide you’re more of a torturer/killer.

Ho hum.

10 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again

  1. I suppose it’s relative.. “less insane” perhaps.. or “provides jarring mental gymnastic causing one to question their own sanity or lack thereof”

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