Grr. Arg.

Was just listening to 5Live as I was driving home from work. Big mistake.

Why? Well, the talking head on made a few points.

  • Talking about the ‘election’ in Zimbabwe, and the US State Department condemning it, he said something along the lines of: “Which is a bit rich, really, when anyone who’s seen Farenheit 9-11 knows that there were major discrepencancies in the ‘election’ which put GW Bush in power”. Dude, it wasn’t even true five years ago, let it go. And you can never cite Michael Moore as a reliable source, m’kay?
  • He referred to Mugabe’s land grab as ‘taking land back from the whites’. It was just the emphasis that annoyed me, because he’s pretty much implying that the pesky pale faces have no claim at all.
  • This one really annoyed me. He said that the war in Iraq was unjustified because the Iraqi people were very happy with their system of government. How, exactly, did he come to this conclusion? Because Saddam had huge support in the polls and huge rallies in his honour. To which I say:

Sorry. Got worked up a bit there.

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