Things wot annoy me

On the floor near where I work of a weekend. And it’s was put there a few weeks ago, when this was in the news:

from the floor

Riiight. So, we want the world to get that bit colder… on the weekend that people were freezing to death because it was so cold outside. O-kay then…

0 thoughts on “Things wot annoy me

  1. My master plan for stopping global warming is to block out the sun using solar panels in space. No more pesky heat from the sun and loads of free energy :-)

  2. I can’t remember who it was who said it, but the perfect solution has to be: use environmentalists as fuel.

    No, really. It’s a renewable energy source. It allows them to give back to the planet. And it’s all carbon anyway, so there’s no need for coal or oil in large installations. Brilliant.

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