A valid point

Following the death of John Paul II, there has been a lot of coverage. I mean, the TV channels were going apeshit over it, with themes and everything. I’ve never seen coverage like this; the only thing comparable is like that following September 11th and Gulf War II; but there they had lots of news and lots of shocking images to go with. Following this, the media had short statements from a lot of people and footage of praying. And that was it.

The world of blogs is buzzing, albeit in a different way. And probably the best single point raised was here:

I was watching Spanish TV when they broadcast the announcement. The man on the street interviews had people saying things such as, “He made a difference”, “He served God his whole life” and “I hope he’s in a better place now.

I thought – You HOPE he’s in a better place?

Man, if he can’t get in, I am so royally screwed….

Amen to that.

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