Well, that’s not good

So, following the raising of the Congestion Charge the Commission for Integrated Transport has a brilliant idea.

Lets charge everyone for driving within the M25! Fantastic idea! Sure it’s only going to make several million people pay for the privilige of using the cars which they paid for, on the roads which they paid for, on the land which, in theory, they own.

What could be wrong about that?

Oh, and they’d have to put sensors in cars to enforce. Be a good populace, now, and just let us log all your movements, alright? Cheers.

For the record, my opinion of this type of technology is unchanged:

Well, there?s a thought. You are NOT putting a spy box in any car of mine. You are NOT morally judging me because I use my car WHEN I FUCKING WANT TO. You are NOT better than me because you have decided that we?re all mindless sheep who are too stupid to be trusted with the cars we?ve paid for, paid road tax for, paid VAT on, paid fuel duty on. It is NOT your place to plan for a carefree, car-less future where the only transport is provided by state regulated buses.

0 thoughts on “Well, that’s not good

  1. Unfortunately, we’re not at the point yet where the “reasons for” outweigh the primary “reason against”: proximity to France.

  2. Sure the UK doesn’t have a Labour government either… it’s New Labour these days, or did you not get the memo?

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