A few Q&As

Well, first Acidman did it, and then Kim did it, so I thought to myself, hmm, bandwagon, lets get aboard.

Not really. I don’t actually think like that. But I thought I’d do the thing anyway.

  • What time is it? About 11:05 on a sunny Monday morning. Or, as it should be, “about time to be getting out of bed and far too early to have been in work for about three hours”.
  • Name as it appears on birth certificate: Edward John Hillan. There’s a Cathal in there now, but it';s a more recent addition.
  • Piercing: Are you mad? Why in the name of all that is holy would I want to stab myself somewhere and allow the weapon to stay? That’s a no.
  • Eye color: Blue. Although some people have said grey. Apparently, they can look a bit wierd. I expect to be up infront of a judge some day and have the book thrown at me for having ‘killers eyes’. Which, knowing my luck, would happen if I was up for not paying my TV licence.
  • Place of birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • Favorite food: Steak. Medium rare, with a load of champ on the side, fried onions and gravy.
  • Ever been to Africa? Did the tourist thing in Egypt a few years back. Does that count?
  • Favorite clothing? Jeans and something. Either a shirt, t-shirt or jumper.
  • Ever been toilet papering? Well, I’ve thrown bog rolls at stuff, but I’ve never been a part of completely covering a house.
  • Have you ever had a speeding ticket? Not so far, although it’s only really a matter of time. Had a conviction for failure to obey a traffic signal, though.
  • Been in a car accident? Yup. And it was my own stupid fault, too. Luckily, it wasn’t that serious and nobody was hurt.
  • Favorite day of the week: Probably Sundays. For the big ass paper that is the ST and the way that there is very rarely any work to be done.
  • Favorite restaurant: I don”t really have one. When I was in Leam, there was a fantastic little chinese on Warwick Street, but I can’t even remember it’s name now. Went regularly enough to be recognised though.
  • Favorite flower: Not a big fan of flowers, I’ll be honest.
  • Favorite sport to watch: Many things. When F1 is done well, it is brilliant. Premiership football. Gaelic. Snooker. Tennis, again when done well. But the best to watch has to be Six Nations Rugby.
  • Favorite drink: Beerwise, Stella, although I’m also partial to Carling. Otherwise, Irish whiskey, mixed with the same of water. The absolute best has to be hot whiskey.
  • Favorite fast food restaurant: I can eat a McDs more than a BK. But I think that a chippy would be the favourite for ‘fast’ food.
  • What color is your bedroom carpet? Wooden floor, so a non-question.
  • How many times did you fail your driver?s test? Car, none. Motorbike, I’ve failed twice for making stupid mistakes.
  • Favorite perfume: Don’t have one of them.
  • What do you do most often when you are bored? Read, play games, watch DVDs, mess about on de net.
  • Bedtime? Whenever. Generally between 12 and 1 on a work night.
  • What is your favorite color? Probably a blue of some shade. Don’t really think about it, but that’s the colour of most of my shirts, so there’s probably something going on in the subconscious.
  • How many tattoos do you have? None. I fail to see the point in permanently scarring yourself, in all honesty.
  • Have you ever run out of gas? Never in a car. Been close, but always managed to make it to a petrol station.
  • What is the last book you read? The Janson Directive, a good enough read that I’ve gone out an bought a couple of Ludlum’s books for meself.

There. Don’t you all feel better for knowing all that?

0 thoughts on “A few Q&As

  1. “What color is your bedroom carpet? Wooden floor, so a non-question.”

    I know a girl who dyed her carpet green and then had ‘keep off the grass’ tattoed just below her navel…

  2. Nah, not yet. In three weeks I’m starting a project writing a module for administration of personal loans. I’ll be setting it up then.

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