8 thoughts on “Dude, that is sick

  1. And he’s getting on my floury baps – the big candy-assed drama queen. Best reason for reading him? – learning new redneck terms of abuse.

  2. Now, how can he be annoying you? Sure all he’s doing is saying how women are all conniving, mad and vindictive…

    Oh. So that’s whats annoying you. Oops.

  3. Notice how I’m too cowardly to get into that over on his site. But he can be really annoying – that’s probably how he gets 50% of his readership. The conniving and mad bit is probably true but just because he’s known a few vindictive ones…

  4. That’s one of the things that I love about the site: he is as annoying as hell about people who aren’t him*, but is totally honest about it all.

    And it’s good that you admit that all women are conniving and mad. Just work on the vindictive bit and we’ll make a citizen of you yet…**

    * – of course, since “like him” is white, anglo-saxon protestantant southern USian, I’m out on a few counts there.

    ** – Just dissing ya. I have three sisters, one mother, and one grandmother, and no other direct ancestors, so I reserve the right to be slightly tounge in cheek about the whole issue.

  5. Well that’s what I like about you Ed – you’re cheeky but you’re not rude. You’ve obviously been well reared.

    I used to get really cross about men disrespecting women but age mellows one and women diss men to no end. What rankles about Mr Smith (sometimes) is that I get the feeling he acts a bit like the Carroll quote from Alice “..only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases”, of course Carroll recommends that the little boy should be speaken roughly to and beaten (when he sneezes.)

    So where do you sit in this family of women? Oldest? Youngest? Other? My guess is at least one older.

  6. In my hungover state I find the image of Ed being “reared” somewhat disturbing.

    I think you need a warning on yoursite: do not read unless in full control of your faculties.

  7. Dood, the whole site is written by someone not in control of their faculties, why should any readers be held to a higher standard?

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