Holy heck

I just noticed something quite interesting. Here’s a report I get from Sitemeter:

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Hmmm. That puts April as my biggest month by visitors. By quite a margin, 450 visits or so.

Which is nice.

I’d like to thank the visitors, the commenters, the search engines for throwing up some seriously odd links. Oh, and I’d like to thank me, for being great.

And while I have this medium with which to communicate, here’s a question or two for Beave: a) have you got your farking email working yet? And b) you got your travel plans for next week sorted?

0 thoughts on “Holy heck

  1. I’d have emailed you my work address my now if you had your email address listed on your site…. which you don’t? I think you posted the email address you used during work hours. Can you post your main one and I’ll email you today?

  2. Also can you tell me where the wedding list is? I’ve next to no experience with these things so I’m trusting you to have found which ??shop?? has the list and I get one of my family to call for me.


  3. I’ve heard nothing about no wedding list. Which is probably a bit stupid when the wedding is next week. Oops.

    And try anything at hillan.org, it’ll get through to me.

  4. Elementary my dear Hillan.

    1. I can tell that you are you are no stranger to having had the occasional clip around the ear from a female which suggests at least one older sister.

    2. I also sense that you are very practiced at winding up females which would suggest at least one younger sister.

  5. And I’ve been an idiot and left that comment in the wrong place but I’m sure a smart lad like yourself can work it out.

  6. Nelly: Cullybackey’s answer to Hercule Poirot.

    Elimentary, sham. You just use these here little grey cells, hey.

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