Bad ideas, revisited

A good while ago, I mentioned that I was less than enthralled by the movement to give 16 year olds the vote. Why? Because kids are dumb, easily led, fickle and immature.

Of course, I’m dumb, easily led, fickle and immature. But I’m also old enough to drink, fight on the front line, drive, etc etc etc.

Well, the issue has been raised again.

Campaigners have demanded a pre-election pledge from the three main parties to lower the voting age to 16 by the next general election.
The coalition, including the National Union of Students and the Electoral Reform Society, said it would “invigorate” the youth vote.

Campaigner Joseph Ammoun, 16, said: “Young people know what they think about issues.”

Yes, young people know what they think about issues. Specificially, they tend to think “but that’s so unfair! I hate you! I wish I’d never been born!”

What I would expect 16 year olds to demand from politicians:

  • Even more money for nothing bothering to turn up for school.
  • Legal sanction to sue parents for not spoiling kids rotten.
  • Even more dumbing down of education.
  • Even more rolling out of next-to-useless degree courses (like ‘advanced-TONiC‘, ‘Computer & Business studies’ and ‘toenail biting for beginners’).
  • Equality between under-21 minimum wage and over-21 wage despite, y’know, and experience or nuffin like that.
  • Knighthood for twelve year old boyband de jour.
  • And so on, and so forth.

Listen, people, kids aren’t growing up any faster. Sure, they may be drinking earlier and shagging earlier, but beer and a BJ do not a grown-up make.

And how’s this:

The commission also said compulsory citizenship education in UK schools would have by then had time to develop.

Oh yippee. So people learn how to be a citizen out of books, now, do they? Will a book teach you patriotism? How about respect? Compassion? Duty to your fellow citizen? Will it fuck.

So not only do these pressure groups want to let children vote, they want the education authorities to tell them how to vote. More votes for the NUT’s choices, then.


0 thoughts on “Bad ideas, revisited

  1. It takes parents to teach citizenship. By example. Doesn’t work otherwise.

    My Dad’s 4 important citizenship lessons are –

    Be a good neighbour
    Don’t litter
    Render unto Caesar … (think that means pay your taxes)

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