Please let this be the case

Pretty, pretty, pretty please.

Of course, this is all via a via. Start the trail of cookies at the Beeb and move from there.

It seems that, as George “the twat” Galloway is heading stateside, he won’t be in the country for the whole “swearing in” as an MP before the Queen’s Speech… which would mean that he wouldn’t be able to site in Parliament. Which would be fantastic. For Parliament anyway.

And, even if (as one commenter at Guido Fawkes suggests) he was able to get the *spit* European Courts *spit, wash mouth out* to overturn the whole oath thing, there’s a bright side. In that that would remove the barrier that stops Sinn Fein from sitting there. Which would mean that they’d have to actually, y’know, work for their generous MP salary.


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  1. Well Galloway’s not on the list of people who swore the oath on Friday or Monday, so we might be *really* lucky. However, the Speaker has provided Mr Galloway with a get out:

    Before Members take the Oath or affirm, I remind the House that the support provided to Members by way of allowances for staff, travel and other purposes will not be available to Members who have not taken the Oath or affirmed before the date of the Queen’s Speech, next Tuesday. The only exception will be Members who, before that date, have sent me a letter informing me that, for health or other good reasons, they cannot attend to take their seats immediately after the election but desire to do so at the earliest possible moment.


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