I really don’t get it

I’m not really one for calling the electorate stupid. I respect the democratic process, where people can seriously consider the pros and cons of each party and make their mind up accordingly.

What I cannot accept is sheer stupidity when it comes to ignoring issues. The government was actually honest on an issue dear to my heart: the issue of national ID cards and the reduction of citizens to barcodes. Labour said they’d bring these cards in, and the public just accepted it, no debate, no consideration, just “Oh, I don’t like Tony, but if he says we need ID, we must need ID”.

And so, they’re bringing them in. Bastards. And, to continue a theme, the electorate has gotten what it deserved. Pity everyone’s going to get shat on because of it.

So, the legislative agenda (according to the Beeb):

  • Identity Cards Bill – we are no longer citizens, we are sheep with numbers
  • European Union Bill – referendum, anyone?
  • Health Improvement and Protection Bill – ah, the bill that says that business owners are no longer allowed to decide what legal activities are carried out on their premises. It’s up to Nanny to decide that
  • Work and Family Bill – more meaninless reform that will only ever create more red tape without actually changing anything
  • Asylum and Immigration Bill – see above
  • Violent Crime Reduction Bill – see above
  • Welfare Reform Bill – see above (thank god for cut’n’paste)
  • Lords Reform Bill – reform? sure they’ve already neutered it and packed it with lackies… what further damage ‘reform’ can they do?
  • Protection of Children Bill – more powers for the state, less powers for parents. Nice
  • Electoral Administration Bill – time to close all those loopholes that Labour made and then used wrt postal voting, I assume
  • Anti-Terrorism Bill – Oh, goodie, even more draconian laws!

I look forward to this parliament. No, really. Only good things can come of it.

10 thoughts on “I really don’t get it

  1. I’ve just raced down the lane with my full bin only to have to trudge back with same full bin having missed damn collection – and I’ve been thinking ‘could I be any more depressed?’ then I think I’ll read some blogs…

  2. Sorry about that… I didn’t mean to be depressing.

    In similiar news, I had to bring my bin out through the house today because some bar-steward blocked the driveway with a skip. Inconsiderate fecker that he is.

    Oh, and I’ve stolen your comment for the ‘all about me’ bit on the sidebar

  3. In continuing bin-related news, I discovered my cleaners defy belief. Two of my three bins were put out last week and I couldn’t be arsed to bring them in. So when the remaining one became full they moved the glass bin (which was empty) and used that. However, then finding themselves with some glass that needed throwing away they took it out to where the dustbins were by the road, and put the glass in that.. but without bringing it in to where the glass bin goes.

    All of which caused me a little confusion while putting the bins out last night. I long for the days when you were able to beat your servants.

  4. Ed – you don’t depress me, it’s TB etc. As for the comment once I post it here it’s yours – and I’m a wee bit chuffed – which is nice – to borrow a phrase.

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