So, I got to go out and do a wee message form the office this morning*. Went out, picked up a package from an office on Donegall Pass, threw it into the back of the car, went to drive away.

Nope. Not allowed to do that. Engine wouldn’t catch. So, give it time, try again. Nothing. Getting a bit annoyed. Go for a wander to let it decide if it wanted to start, picking me up a wee ice-cream up at the same time.

Back to the car, which sill wouldn’t start. So, in a little bit of annoyance, I call the AA. And they say they’ll get someone to me in fifteen minutes. Which is fine. And then I decided to do something really stupid. I try the engine again. And the fecker starts. So it was on the phone again to cancel the call. With much apologies, since I could see the AA van comming towards me.

I think my car is starting to move towards hating me. Maybe it’s because I’m such a Greedy, Sneering, Decadent, Effete person. Or maybe because it was too damn hot.

* – why the thing I was picking up couldn’t be posted, I don’t know. First class post isn’t that expensive, you know…

0 thoughts on “Buggeration

  1. I had a similar problem recently. The good news is it might be something cheap to fix, like the temperature sender, or the throttle body needing a clean. On the other hand it could be something really expensive like a knackered fuel pump or fuel line valve somewhere.

  2. Ollie: until a second occurance, I’m treating it as a fluke and ignoring it. Because that’s always the best option.

    Chez: I’m sorry, was a Rover driver making jokes about cars?

  3. They tend to get rather attached to Novas that are very customised. The standard cars are universally regarded as shite. Much like Rover cars are…

  4. No, I know drivers of standard Novas who love their cars. Also, don’t forget the Clarkson anecdote of his Porsche being taken by a Nova.

    I’m glad my registration documents don’t call it a Rover then..

  5. OK, on this blog, Novas are, and will continue to be, derided as the lumps of shite they are.

    And your car was made on the same production line, by the same workers, to the same design, as Rovers. Face it, you drive a Rover.

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