A meme…

Via Uborka.

Ten years ago I was a fourteen year old kid in school. I’d just finished my third year, which meant that I’d just have had my exam results. German was being dropped. I’d just made the choice to keep up Latin, so that I’d get that tenth GCSE. Surprisingly, I was still living at home. And I was probably looking forward to Scout camp, which was to be in the Lake District.

Five years ago 19. I’d just come home from my first year at uni. Having started a Computer Science degree, I’d changed it a bit and was about to do Computers & Business Studies instead. I was also about five weeks into what became my longest relationship thus far (19 months). So I was still at the point where I thought it would all be a good idea. I was back at home, catching up with friends and missing the ones I’d made in Warwick. Also starting to miss the regular income.

One year ago 23, About to move up to Belshaft. The bloggage was rife, I’d just upgraded to WordPress, I’d found out that there were other NIrish bloggers. I was settling into my new job, which had multiple locations. And I was liking the regular income.

Yesterday I drove 185 miles, to deepest darkest Fermanagh. I helped do a presentation or two, and got a nice free lunch. I passed the scene of a fatal accident. And I watched some TV when I got home.

Today More work. Spent a lot of time trying to phone people only to find them constantly engaged. Then finished work, came home, looked in the fridge. Which resulted in me ordering Chinese in because I have no food. Then went to work again.

Next week I’m assuming more work. That’s as far ahead as I’ve got.

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