Say what now?

Just Damn!

Well, there’s another piece of plastic that will be the death of me. Although I’m sure that the act of decomposition actually releases carbon into the atmosphere, so I’d have to save up my carbon ration for a year or two before dying.

Things like this just reenforce my opinion that Gaia neeeds to die. As do the people who seriously suggest that we should have a fucking individual carbon allowance tacked onto our fucking national identity cards. Which, by the way, we’ve been told we’d never have to produce on demand. That concept was bypassed quickly, wasn’t it?

0 thoughts on “Say what now?

  1. just ask the chinese when they are going to begin their space colonisation program and see if some people can tag along.

    Unfortunately this planet only has limited resources so i say we should be agressively pursuing ways to ensure that we dont get trapped here when they run out – at the minute im sure that if a determined effort was made some form of off world colonisation could be started in the next 5-10 years.

    Hell the ansari x-prize has been won and everybody always says the initial concept is the hardest thing to prove, sure the initial costs may be large but look at air travel – prohibitively expensive at the beginning, now i can get to prague for 20 quid. It would also help to boost the technologial economy, just like the last space race.

    Ok, sorry about that – bit hung over and lucid arguments not really happening at the minute. Still makes sense in my head though.

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