Top Gear: the best entertainment show. In the world. Ever. Clarkson grinning like an idiot while driving at 160 miles an hour was good. Hammond being drunk was funny, although Hammond being sick was funnier. Two boats destroyed. It’s all good.

I even got a new phrase: Safety-fascist. Yay for Dimbleby for sharing that one with the world.

Oh, and I wants one of them Astons. Round the track quicker than any production car, which was nice.

But the best bit didn’t move. It didn’t speak. It just sat there and looked amazing. Yes people, I wants one of them Alfas. Sex on wheels.

If you want to be a petrol-head you really need to have owned an Alfa Romeo at some point in your life. The problem with them is that they do break down a bit. But who cares, they are magnificent cars – take the Brera for example – what a lovely-looking car. In fact it’s the automotive equivalent of Sienna Miller holding a 24 pack of beer while wearing only a smile. Anyway, it’s out next year, and anyone who has ?25,000 to spend on a car, and doesn’t buy one needs their head examining. And you can always buy a bike as well to use when the car goes wrong.

Me wants.

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  1. It was a top episode. My children laughed the whole way through, including at some jokes I am sure they won’t laugh at when I am in the same room in a few years’ time.

    Surely television at its finest. (Not that I watch much. Top Gear and, erm….)

    If I hadn’t got my hands on Caitlin, there was a 70s Alpha I was tempted by. Rusted to hell, but it is an Alpha…

  2. I didn’t like the alfa. It had a big bum and looked like every other Alfa.

    I wouldn’t say no to the Merc or the DBR 9 though.

  3. It’s not traitorous if your own country isn’t producing anything. And the number of cars mass produced in Norn Iron since 1990 is fairly close to zero.

    And I still have to remind you: the 206 is made in Coventry. And it works, therefore it can’t be french.

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