OK, I was wrong

Some time ago, I said this:

Which is why I?m quite happy to see this. The National Trust have opened up Divis and Black Mountain for recreational purposes. Which is nice.

Not that I plan on using them, but, y?know, it?s nice to know that they?re there in case I ever wander up that way.

Yup, me and the elder sister went for a wander this afternoon up to the top of Black Mountain. Only about a three mile round trip, and it’s all easy going, so I can heartily recommend it. Especially because the views at the end are so spectacular. Belfast looks great from a distance, it has to be said. I took a couple of photos on the phone, but since a) the camera in my phone is crap, and b) the data cable for my phone is banjaxed, I don’t think I’ll be posting them here.

0 thoughts on “OK, I was wrong

  1. Now that you’ve got a Flickr account you should get yourself a nice wee digital camera. Notice I said wee for mine own ancient thing is as big as a brick.

  2. It’s one of the things on the ol’ list (Things I Could Do With, But Don’t Urgently Need And Can’t Really Justify Spending Money On At This Time).

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