Oh no you don’t

Shit. The EU is planning on stopping barmaids from wearing low cut tops:”Editors note: story is from the Sun, and must therefore be taken with a rather large amount of salt.”:http://www.thesun.co.uk/. On the basis that they may get skin cancer when they collect glasses from outside areas.

HELLO!?!?!?! It’s bad enough that uk.gov went and fubared up the licensing system, but now the EU is trying to stick it’s grubby little hands into the mix.

And it’s not just here, it’s EU wide. Fantastic.

Here’s next week’s news: hats are to become compulsory for all, to prevent bald people getting skin cancer. Facial hair will also become compulsory (for both sexes). T-shirts will be banned.

All in the interests of health, you understand.

0 thoughts on “Oh no you don’t

  1. The EU won’t get away with it, as the outfits in question are actually national costume, and so it would be racist. A conversation with Valerie’s sis, who lives in that way:

    me: aw, how cute, you bought Charlotte-Ann some local historic costume.
    grace: erm, no, that is what they actually *wear*
    me wanders round Munich looking down barmaids tops to verify this. (No mention of *any* other stories from then, and don’t believe anyone who tells otherwise.)

    And, as it happens, all the barmaids at oktoberfest are *old* as well.

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